So….What have we done since Covid?

Like many families ours has spent the past 6-months re-evaluating what we have been doing and what we can do in this strange and uncertain new world we find ourselves in to help families economically and socially.

Some years ago, my wife and I were working from home and needed childcare for our then 3-year old. Wow! What a miserable experience arranging that turned out to be.  Major bureaucracy, no flexibility, long distances to drop off / pick-up, no choice of her individual Carer and more than we could afford. So Alice (like a million+ other Aussie children) ended up in informal care provided by family, friends and neighbours and we worried about what she was missing in terms of learning and socialising

We decided that we would do something about it one day when Amanda looked up from her work managing an Airbnb property and said “why couldn’t arranging childcare be as convenient as Airbnb?” So we researched, designed and built an Airbnb kind of platform for childcare, elderly and disability care… CAREbnb for families to source ad hoc flexible care at any time just like what we needed.

BUT like many start-ups we learned by doing and today our platform is merely a means to an end. Not only does it solve our problem, it’s purpose has now evolved to provide new pathways to qualifications and employment for existing unpaid carers, flexible working hours and easy solutions for working families.

But really what we care about is building communities.   THAT is what our platform really does. More opportunities to earn and learn not only for those already providing unpaid care for others, but also students, grandparents needing to top up their retirement income, migrants and underemployed parents to name but a few.


Like a platonic version of tinder to find the right childminder for your child for the hours you work, or carer for your parent who needs assistance to remain living at home…(just kidding)…or are we?

It’s both a small home business incubator and a platform that lets families select, connect, transact with, and review carers in your area that are FAMILYFlexible, Accessible, Mindful of your needs, In home based settings, Less costly and You get to choose.

AND, you can have the confidence that all of the carers on our platform go through a rigorous process to ensure safety and quality of service.

Features for carers include:

  • Straightforward & online pathway to become a trusted & qualified carer

  • Choose your hourly rate, hours and the services you can provide

  • Get rated to bring in more work

  • Promote your unique skills to enhance your service (tutoring, music lessons, 2nd language)

  • Get paid on or before the day you are booked for.

  • Work from your own home or homes of families (childcare only)

Benefits for carers include:

  • Additional income source

  • Hours that suit your lifestyle

  • Earn while you learn using our pathways to qualifications

  • Work locally, no commute required

  • Your business, your choice of hours, rates and families to work with

If you are a family that relies on informal care, spend a minute or two to register a family profile right here and we can let you know when there are family carers in your area.

If you are a carer then we can support you to turn what you are doing into a small home business with access to resources and pathways to qualifications and more employment opportunities.

If you know of others that would be interested in this opportunity, please share this new pathway to employment delivering a smarter way for families to care for families.