A couple of weeks ago  Amanda and Liam , the founders of Clann, answered the very first question many have when they hear about Clann: “What Is Clann?”. (You can view the interview by clicking on a link here). 

Today, we would like to elaborate on the response to the question and  ‘the many things Clann is”.

Firstly, Clann is a “social enterprise” that aims to help families in need to find affordable, local, trustworthy, professional, caring, and flexible care for children, the elderly and disabled. Clann was founded because Amanda and Liam found themselves , like millions of Australian families, unable to find such child care for their young daughter. Like many working parents ( and especially those who work irregular hours), they were forced to rely on ” informal carers”: neighbours, relatives and friends. Amanda says that they “soon realised that the problem is even more common that it originally seemed, and Nationwide”. Parents of more than one million Australian children are needing to resort to such informal arrangements to be able to work.

Another thing Clann is, is a provider of upskilling programs and subsequently business and employment opportunities for these informal carers. Many of the informal carers choose child minding as a way of earning much needed extra income which they could not have otherwise. Some are only able to work certain hours, because of caring for their own children or sick relatives, or can only work from home. Others, like Pam and Maddy ,who we introduced in other blog posts,( link to articles) , do not have other work like experiences other than child minding. They feel that they are good at it, enjoy it, and want it to become their full time paid work.

Clann provides training and support for informal carers such as Maddy and Pam so that can become qualified, business ready if they choose to run their own family care for children centres, or ready to enter the workforce with appropriate skills, knowledge, and confidence if they prefer to be employed.

The Clann upskilling induction program includes safety units to help you get all necessary checks and certificates, business units to help you get an ABN and set up a small business, industry units to build essential skills to care for children, elderly and disabled clients, and a unit to help you get insured?

Clann family carers have access to learning resources for children of all ages to assure kids in their care are appropriately stimulated. Care is taken to upskill carers to assure quality learning and fun healthy active play.

Clann is also an online platform where the family carers and the families in need meet, connect, and book.  The platform is  referred to as the “Carebnb” of family care. Clann built the platform to help busy parents avoid extensive Google searches to check and compare ‘individual’ local family care businesses, or the “rounds” to inspect the venues and interview carers.

On the Clann booking platform, parents can find convenience and peace of mind: they can enter a local search and instantly compare individual carers, their rates, credentials, availability, and make a secure booking. Clann provides support in the event of any issues, and our dedicated team are available to answer questions the carers or families may have .

Amanda conceived of the idea of ” Carebnb” when in a moment of frustration she just thought how easy it would be able to research and book local childcare like we do with accommodation on Airbnb. And now we can!

A unique feature on the Clann “Carebnb” platform is “the child file”. Each family uploads all relevant documents required for their child enrolment (immunisations, court orders), and can release them instantly to the chosen family carer when the booking is confirmed. No more headache or wasted time trying to replace lost paper copies, photocopying, or “office rounds” to have them sighted.

Finally, Clann is proudly a licensee of the iconic Australian charity: Life Be In It, and their advocate for Life. Be in it. FamilyCare to support their mission encouraging families to ‘Be More Active’ and ‘Live More Of Your Lives’. Amanda explains that ” At Clann, we are committed to creating pathways to employment for the growing numbers of informal carers to better their finances, as well as build social connectivity and self-esteem”.

To to learn more about Clann and the many things it is, please visit: https://clann.com.au or follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ClannAustralia