Grandparent Childminders

Grandparents are one of our greatest options for informal childcare in our communities and we need more grandparents to realise the potential of not only supporting the younger generation but giving themselves a financial and self-esteem boost as well. One on one childcare is often demanding and Grandparents looking after a grandchild may find it easier to look after two or three giving their grandchild other children to play and socialise with.

On the page 'Little Miracles' Suzanna talks about the importance of grandparents and states "As a mother of 4 children I understand the importance of grandparents and how they play an integral role in the raising of our children". It is vital for families to recognise and appreciate the often selfless support system that grandparents provide.

People of this generation can often be living in larger houses that could potentially be great venues for a small home Family Care business for families with children needing more local flexible childcare.

Grandparents are often the informal childcare workers for family or community members and what better way of building a supported home business. They have raised their own children, have the basic skills, want to remain healthy and active, and need a bit more income. At the same time they can support the younger generation, the families of more than one million Australian children relying on informal care .

Since July 2019 under new government rules, a grandparent can earn an extra net income of $7,800 before losing any pension. Clann is a way of doing this.

Becoming a Family Carer

To become a Family Carer it will be necessary to do Clann's Safety and Induction Program which is an eight unit course that takes 4 - 6 weeks.  There are three classroom training sessions (including first aid) and five units can be conveniently completed online. 

Clann looked at the government run system, adopted the same safety measures and added others that we thought were improvements. Family Carer's will need a working with children check, police check, and home safety inspection. These can all be arranged from the Clann Platform.

Clann also offers pathways for Family Carers to further train and qualify in early childhood education and care as well as providing them with access to quality learning resources to use with the children in their care. 

So our Family Carers can choose to run their business from home part-time earning a nice little income or they can choose to do further training and become a full-time Family Day Care Educator or apply for other positions in the childcare sector with work experience gained.