The cost of Child Care and how it influences our return to work

Today I wanted to share Belinda's story.

Belinda and her partner who is a trades person  recently had a baby daughter. Belinda is considering returning to work to help family finances but she discovered that it makes little if any financial sense for her because of the high cost of childcare. Belinda would also prefer to stay at home with her daughter but it would be difficult for her and her partner to manage their mortgage and provide for their daughter on a single income. Belinda used to work in hospitality and she's also very mindful of the fact that the older she gets the less employment opportunities she will have in that field. She would like to get qualifications in a field that is more in demand but returning to study would also put financial pressure on the family.

Clann now offers an exciting opportunity for people like Belinda to stay at home with their children, earn an income and and have options to gain a nationally accredited qualification in early childhood services. Belinda can enrol in the Clann safety and induction program and become a Clann childminder from her own home in just 6 weeks. She can then work from home in her own hours caring for up to three children. Throughout this process Clann will support Belinda in every aspect of setting up and running her home business including the bookings via the Clann online booking platform. Belinda can also access Clann pathways to continue studying towards Certificate III in early childhood education and care, learning as she earns. She can even further her studies and complete a diploma. 

Clann Australia

With these qualifications and experience Belinda gains working from home, she will have the choice either to continue and grow her family care business or, when her daughter is old enough, Belinda can find employment outside of home as a childcare worker.

To learn more about the Clann earn as you learn program, visit ​Clann Enquiries or call 1-800-4-CLANN.