Why do we exist?

Know ‘n’ Grow Learning does not sell ‘pieces of paper’ but combine theory and practice, focused 'on-the-job training' and multi-skill development to provide students with employment ready skills and attitudes.

Curricula are structured to provide the student with maximum opportunities for Credit Transfers and Recognition of Prior Learning which results in significantly more training delivery per student and/or optimum study times.

Know ‘n’ Grow Learning offers high-interest, employment focused, education and training in the Early Childhood : Family Day Care Industry.

Graduate students will have access to the Business Networking and Alumni Services set up through Know ‘n’ Grow Learning’s international network.

Our 'Life. Be in it.'- Family Day Care Providers are committed people – they are people with a passion for child care work, a commitment to excellence and an ongoing pursuit of learning through health active play.

Know 'n' Grow is truly part of a diverse Clann! A place where exceptional family day care providers have honed their child care and small business skills to earn a sustainable living. Where children become themselves and discover how to 'Live More Of Your Life' from an early age. There are many statistics to share; here are a few:

1,000,000+ Aussie kids rely on informal childcare

17,527+ people in Geelong care for kids other than their own

500+ Applicants sought to enrol, train and qualify as family day care providers operating on the Clann Platform

How to become a Know 'n Grow qualified Family Day Care Provider

Know 'n' Grow Learning is part of a truly diverse Clann! A place where exceptional home based child carers can hone their skills and 'earn while they learn'to provide a new standard of family day care where healthy active play is a priority. And where children become themselves and discover how to 'live more of their lives' from an early age.:

Apply now to reserve your place and to demonstrate the regional interest to government as we seek subsidies on your behalf.

Know 'n' Grow Learning features

Family Day Care Providers play a crucial role in the lives of a child and get to fulfil their own aspirations too.

Know 'n' Grow Learning is a unique education and training model that combines the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognised qualification with the opportunity to earn money providing a much-needed supplementary community child care service from your own home.

Using the Clann online platform to work an average of 20 hours a week caring for an average of two kids, you could earn enough in the first 12-months to cover the costs of:

  • Home safety modifications and other requirements to establish your home-based family day care business;
  • obtaining appropriate insurance cover; AND
  • completing your Cert 3 course with Know 'n' Grow Learning.

Course overview

When you have completed your course with Know ‘n’ Grow you will receive a Cert 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care qualifying you as a ‘Life.Be in it.’ – Family Day Care Provider.  You will be an ‘eligible provider’ for the purpose of your family clients claiming Childcare rebates. You can then continue to operate your Family Day Care business on the Clann Platform as a fully accredited provider. You can apply to join a Council or other family day care scheme. Or you can seek employment with another childcare industry employer in.

  • Long day care
  • Occasional care
  • Out-of-school hours care
  • Adjunct care
  • Assist in pre-school/kindergartens
  • Neighbourhood houses
  • Australian migrant education program services
  • Mobile services and other specialised services.

The kinds of job titles you can apply for include:

  • Family Day Care Provider
  • Early Childhood Assistant
  • Caring for infants and children up to 12 years.
  • Nanny
  • Kindergarten Assistant.

Know ‘n’ Grow courses are delivered as a blend of online modules and practical work experience modules. The Know ‘n’ Grow Learning platform is an online course content and student management system.

Modules can be downloaded and assessments uploaded for evaluation and you can communicate with Know ‘n’ Grow educators and assessors on the Platform where you have queries and/or need support.

While Know ‘n Grow has developed an online delivery platform there is a real team of people behind it located in Geelong and Melbourne. Our online delivery strategy is NOT for our benefit but to provide participants with a more flexible and convenient study option (particularly for parents with young kids) and to reduce the course cost.

When you apply and are accepted to enrol with Know ‘n’ Grow, we will determine the fee payable by you adjusted for government subsidies that may be available.  We will also endeavour to arrange an Earn ‘n’ Learn financing package linked to your earnings as a home based carer on the Clann Platform. We can also offer payment terms linked to purchase and completion of the Cert 3 Course Modules in stages.

Our inaugural course fee will be announced shortly and is expected to be under $6000 before government subsidies. Payment can be made by credit card, paypal and EFT.

  • Know ‘n’ Grow Learning will be accepting enrolments from 1st February 2018.
  • Intake will be structured around groups of 24 Participants.
  • No minimum entry requirements except applicants must be a minimum of eighteen years of age.
  • The nominal duration is approximately six months at twenty hours of study per week. Know ‘n’ Grow participants will have the opportunity to negotiate flexible arrangements.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available across a range of areas.
  • The self-paced delivery method is completed in your own time, at your own pace and is ideally suited to highly motivated self-starters. We provide participants with ongoing support throughout the learning-pathway via telephone, email, and our online Know ” Grow Learning Platform that will  launch in early 2018.
  • All course materials are downloaded electronically thus you may commence almost immediately once enrolled.
  • Know ‘n’ Grow will assist in sourcing placements for your work experience modules.

Introducing Robert Palmer of The Education Professionals

Robert Palmer is a proud Australian who has had wide experience as a classroom teacher, subject coordinator, department coordinator and principal over a period of more than thirty years.

During that time Robert also held positions as Rural Schools Advisor, Regional and State-wide Mathematics Consultant, Regional and State-wide Language Consultant - including English as a second language (ESL) - Regional and State-wide Science and Environment Consultant, and senior executive positions in State and National Teacher Organizations.


Robert is also an extremely successful education author: he has written a wide range of teacher support and student activity books for Thomas Nelson, Collins Dove, Martin Educational, MacMillan, Ashton Scholastic and Blue Wren Enterprises.

During his teaching career Robert showed strong commitment to the community – The Portland Region Arts Advisory Board, the Council for Entertainment, Music and the Arts, 3RPC FM Radio – and served on the executive of numerous sporting associations and community service groups.

Robert was involved in the OECD Cities of South-East Asia program, and delivered keynote addresses involving his Global Eco Learning and the E-Team Initiative at the United Nations Environment Program’s First Asia-Pacific Round Table in Cleaner and Safer Production.

Robert has also lectured and carried out consultancies for Registered Training Organisations, T.A.F.E. Institutes and Australian Universities and was also awarded the Australian Council for Private Education and Training "Outstanding Teaching Initiative" 1999 for his development of multimedia courses and training materials.

Robert has also had a strong media – paper-based, radio and television – presence, and has used these relationships to create the Overseas Students Support Network (OSSNET.com.au) and address some of the less-than-satisfactory experiences of International students and workers in Australia.

Robert has been closely associated with the Australian Icon 'Life. Be in it.' for more than 20 years and is excited to 'be more active' and 'live more of your life' with 'Norm' and his wife 'Norma' in the near future.

'Know n' Grow' is extremely fortunate to have Robert as a co-founder and key member of its team.