Stay At Home and Earn

How good would it be to earn money with a fully supported home business while your home looking after your own children anyway?  
You might be a stay at home mum who knows its a juggling act to return to work and have adequate and affordable child care to make returning to work a reasonable financial option.

You could be a grandparent looking after one or more grandchildren and wouldn't they love the company of other children while you earn a little extra income for yourself.  

You might be a home school parent who would really like your children to spend some time in other children's homes particularly during school holiday times or who would like to offer other children before and after school or holiday care to make some extra money while the children socialise.

You might be a local family in a popular tourist area that would like to supplement your income by offering visiting families peak period child care options during those busy months.

You could be a migrant or refugee family that wants to build a home business where jobs are hard to get to create an income while offering family, friends or people of the same or similar cultural ethnicity a child care option with like minded values.

Did you know there are actually more than one million children being looked after informally in the Australian community? Its time their carers had the option and support to turn what they are doing out of necessity or generosity into a small business that supplements their income.  

Its time that these carers had a training pathway to give them the option of becoming a qualified and registered Family Childcare Educator that is well resourced and supported.

And its time that these one million children and their carers had access to quality early learning resources to reduce the risk of disadvantage when these children start school.
Clann has the answer to this "It takes a village to raise a child" and Clann is working to re-village our society.

A Home Business

What we have imagined with Clann is to have a Clann Childminder and/or Educator in every community and every street where there is a need for convenient and flexible childcare. Its like the Airbnb of childcare.

People can become a Clann Childminder where they meet mandatory vetting criteria and complete a 6 week essential training course, where 5 out of 8 units can be completed online.

A Clann Childminder can then care for up to 3 children inclusive of their own. Families can be assured that all the home safety and personal checks are done prior to them being able to publish a profile on the Clann Platform.

Many Childminders will be happy to remain as a Childminder. But all will have the option of enrolling to complete our other study options such as Certificate lll or Diploma level in child care are further Study Opportunities. 

Once qualified the Clann Childminder has a lifestyle choice of continuing their business with Clann as a Family Childcare Educator registered with one of our affiliated Approved Services; OR seeking employment with another childcare sector employer.