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• Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Science and more...

• Interactive and engaging tool for children

• Monitoring and assistance through a dashboard

• Wide range of content coverage

• For up to four children

If you need a subscription for more than four children please contact us.

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Skoolbo is an engaging tool for children to learn without even realising. During the recent 6-week period of home-schooling our 6-year old loved the daily learning challenges; and would never complain about "schoolwork" when using Skoolbo after a morning of school provided learning activities. By the time she returned to school we were able to measure significant improvement in reading, writing and maths. Definitely recommend it for anyone home-schooling or simply as an additional learning extension as part of a program of online, offline and healthy active play" Liam and Amanda, Clann.


Everyone is busy, there’s no doubt about that. Kiddipedia was designed to save you time, give you answers fast but more importantly give you access to credible parenting articles, a choice of which parenting sites to visit and whose article you want to read. Once you’ve found the article you want to read, click on it and you will be directed through to their website.

The Fussy Eater

Has meal-time become stressful in your home? Wondering if your child will ever eat anything other than plain pasta and a slice of cheese? Time for a game plan and a little expert help. Marie-France is a Melbourne Mum and owner of Fussy Eater Solutions


Shebah is Australia’s first and only active all-female rideshare service getting women and children where they need to go. Catching a shebah means sitting in the front seat of the car without feeling vulnerable, no longer feeling limited by the time of day, knowing that your little one is in safe hands when you can’t drop them off and/or pick them up and so much more. 

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