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We believe that building a career in family care should be less complex and better supported.

So we are creating a family care program and portal where families and people interested in a career in family services can access the Clann Family Care Network's information, services and resources. 

A one stop shop Aussie first platform that has been simply described as the 'Airbnb for family care' allowing member families to select, connect, fully transact and review member individuals and organisations providing home based family care services beginning with early childhood.

Our Clann platform connects you to professional development programs and pathways to higher qualifications delivered by our Network Partners. 

You can start by completing our Professional childMINDer on-boarding program. You can then earn an income as a professional ChildMINDer limited to caring for 3 children while you explore our network partner pathways to higher qualifications including Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood and other Community Services. 

The Clann platform also connects you to our shop with lifelong learning resources from early childhood onwards where you can access our range of world first practical applications of neuroscience based learning for early childhood settings and create great programs and activities for children in care.

So you now have the opportunity to take the first step on a fully supported pathway to small business employment setting up and operating a quality home based family care service. We look forward to meeting you.

Amanda McFadden, founder

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