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Life. Be in it. FamilyCare

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We believe that building a career in family care should be less complex and better supported.

So we are offering a program and portal empowering families to receive or provide quality ‘Life. Be in it.’™ FamilyCare for their children, elderly and people with disability so they can be more active and live more of their lives.

Life. Be in it. FamilyCare works with individuals, families and communities to increase wellbeing, build strengths and encourage optimism for a better life.

As a Licensee and ambassador for Life. Be in it. FamilyCare the Clann team are committed to:

  • Focusing on practices that embrace the might of families and strengths of individuals and communities;
  • Developing partnerships and alliances that contribute measurable value to family and community outcomes;
  • Contributing to the economic and social development of the communities in which we work;
  • Investing in continuous improvement in Life. Be in it FamilyCare practices and processes.

So you now have the opportunity to take the first step on a fully supported pathway to small business employment setting up and operating a quality Life. Be in it. FamilyCare service.

We look forward to meeting you.

Amanda McFadden, founder

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