Customised Child Minding

Puja' and her husband Junaid came to Australia three years ago.

When we met Puja at Clann, she spoke about how hard it has been working to pay rent as well as afford all the normal living expenses, while at the same time trying to save for a house deposit. 

Puja works at a service station, and Junaid drives a taxi. They both work irregular hours, working mostly nights, weekends and during holiday times. 

Puja worries that her working arrangements will not be sustainable when she and Junaid start a family which they would like to do soon.  She tells us at Clann how many of her friends are unable to return to work because of their working hours “there simply isn't anywhere that would look after your kids at 4 in the morning on a weekend or overnight if both parents are working”.

Puja sometimes looks after her friend’s children to help them out when she can and that she really enjoys. She is particularly proud of the feedback received from the parents on how well she meets the children's cultural needs. 

 Puja explains that from her cultural perspective Australian childcare can be “very western” and kids from Asian backgrounds for example can suffer a culture shock when placed in care. The food can be very different from what they eat at home, the activities are often very different and there is no transition between the culture at home and the environment in care. In Puja’s view the parents she has spoken to would like to have a greater say in the care of their children.

As our conversation continues and we explain more about Clann, Puja begins to really open up, she tells us that she actually has a dream. She would love to run a child-minding service from home for those working odd hours like she and her husband do. She also feel’s that as much as she needs to bring in a much-needed income, she also wants to contribute to her local ethnic community. 

Her dream is a professional child-minding service that caters to the cultural needs of her ethnic community. She describes it as a “fusion between the best Australian and Asian child care” an environment that would seamlessly and without stress, transition the traditional care by parents to “normal” kindergartens and schools.

Puja's  Story

At Clann Australia we can support Puja to make her dream come true.

Puja can become a Clann Family Carer by completing our safety and induction program. Our team can help her get all the necessary personal documentation, set up her home as a safe care venue and list her as a Family Carer on our online booking platform.

Clann will support Puja to fully customise her home businesses.  Puja can set her own working hours and cater to the kinds of families she chooses.

Once established and working from home as  a Clann Family Carer, Puja can then choose to continue studying for her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. This will give Puja the the ability to register with one of our affiliated approved services and care for a larger group of children.

When Puja completes her Certificate III, she will have even more lifestyle  choices. She will be able to grow her own Family Care business further with the help of Clann. She will be able to gain employment as a qualified and experienced childcare worker. She can also continue to study for a Diploma in Childhood Services and with her experience running her own business, she can then one day seek employment as a manager of a corporate daycare centre for example.With her interest and expertise in cultural sensitivity, she can even become a consultant for businesses catering to ethnically diverse clients.

At Clann, we are excited to be able to provide Puja with these pathways and support her in realising her dream.

Clann’ s  philosophy is about choices and about making dreams come true. To learn more about the choices at Clann and to discuss how Clann can help realise your dream, please visit Clann Enquiries or call us on 1800-4-CLANN.