Grandparent Earning From Home

Pam was referred to Clann by a financial counselor from her local welfare organisation, who she had consulted for help with budgeting. The counselor said to her that she had “budgeted very well” and her financial issues resulted simply from insufficient income. Simply put: Pam is now 60 years old but she does not have enough money to make ends meet despite her best efforts to live frugally. She spent most of her life raising her five children while her husband John provided for the family by driving a truck. When the children left home, John was diagnosed with cancer, and Pam then cared for him living off her Centrelink pension.  

After John passed away, Pam was taken off the Carer’s Pension and put on a Centrelink Newstart Allowance, which is approximately $500 a fortnight. She was also told to apply for 30 jobs a fortnight and to work as a volunteer for 30 hours a fortnight while looking for paid work. Pam has never been employed. She has no qualifications, and her case manager at Centrelink agreed that her age is a significant barrier in finding employment or even studying towards a qualification.

The financial counselor who referred Pam to Clann saw her as significantly experienced in child minding: in addition to raising her own children Pam also minds her granddaughter Arabella. Pam worried that any study, volunteering or employment on her part would require Arabella's parents to put Arabella in day care, which would significantly set them back financially. Pam had previously thought about becoming a nanny, and she was even “hired” by a local family, but she got discouraged by the need to negotiate and collect pay, the sudden rescheduling and cancellations and particularly the “not child minding side of things”.

Pam was told by the financial counselor that Clann could take care of all the administrative side of things, and provide training, supervision and support for her to become a professional childminder. She was also encouraged to speak to our team about avenues of helping her to fund her training course; now Pam is telling us that we are doing “a better job that than her job network provider”.

Pam like other Clann Family Carers will complete our safety and induction program and have her house set up as a safe childminding venue (unless she prefers to work in the homes of families). Bookings for her little family care centre would be generated through our Clann online platform and we would look after all the administrative tasks. We would also look after Pam, as each of our family carers are supported on an ongoing basis.

Pam tells us that the ongoing extensive individualized support, alongside the attention to safety (both hers and the children in her care) is what made her, at her age, confident in starting up with Clann. She really likes the fact that she can earn from home looking after other people's children at the same time that she cares for her grand daughter. Pam was always very concerned about her grand daughter not interacting with other children enough, Pam can stay healthy, active and involved which is important at her age and as she said “I can even be getting paid to do it”.

“and I'll even be getting paid”
Pam shares how big a step it was for her to approach us at Clann and how she can grow from it. She tells us that she initially considered only our induction program, which allows for caring for up to three children at a time, but now feels like she might consider our “earn as you learn” option and access a pathway to complete a Certificate III in Early Childhood Services, but probably won't seek employment outside of home (although it will be an option). With a Certificate III, Pam will be able to care for up to five children at a time and increase her earnings. She tells us confidently that “after all, I had five kids, so I know I can do it, and do it well”.

At Clann we can support people like Pam: those who have limited pathways to employment due to age and also grandparents wanting to earn from home. To learn more about becoming a Clann family carer and for a confidential discussion about how it will work in your circumstances, please visit 
Clann Enquiries or call us on 1800-4-CLANN.