Earning from Home while Homeschooling

Melissa learned about Clann's Family Care Model from a friend of hers who recommended our early learning resources for her home-schooled daughters. When we met Melissa at Clann, she was excited that she had found a “one stop solution” to the problems she had been facing as a home-schooler for a long time.

She had been experiencing a lack of engaging resources, an inability to work, declining self-esteem and isolation. Both of Melissa's daughters are home schooled. Thirteen year old Chelsea refused to go school because of  bullying and seven year old Bella was, as Melissa described it, “not enjoying school and not fitting in”.  Melissa does not regret taking her daughters out of school, as their well-being improved significantly as a result. This, however came with “massive adjustments and sacrifices” on Melissa's part, the hardest of which was giving up her job as a social worker. She worked only during school hours because of what she calls “the childcare situation”. She explained that “It costed more in before and after school care than you made by working and there is no care for kids anyway once the get to high school”.
Melissa says that when she gave up her job in order to home school her daughters she anticipated that the loss of income would have an impact on her life, but she grossly underestimated it. She also underestimated the social isolation that came with homeschooling and the “constant struggle to find educational resources”. Melissa describes her experience with Clann as potentially life-changing. She will complete our Safety and Induction Program to become a Clann Family Carer from home and will list on our online booking platform. She will be able to look after other people's children from home and earn while homeschooling her daughters. She and her daughters shall no longer be isolated as they will meet lots of different local families. They will also be supported with access to a choice of quality early learning resources. Melissa will be able to introduce some of these materials to her own children and the children she minds. ”Melissa feels that with Clann she will actually be able to achieve professionally while homeschooling, rather than going backwards as she felt before. She would no longer have to be worried about money or a “gap” in her resume.

Melissa's Story

Melissa initially thought to become a Clann Family Carer with the view of completing the safety and induction program and eventually returning to work as a social worker. She knows that this is only one of the training pathways that Clann offers. She knows that she can choose to continue studying for her Certificate III in Early Childhood Services and then even a Diploma under our “Earn while you Learn” program. Melissa says that she is increasingly tempted by the option of requalification and seeking employment in the field of child care rather than social work. She has noticed the high demand for experienced, qualified childcare workers, which makes the prospect very attractive.

Melissa tells us, laughingly, that for the first time in her life she feels she could be really in control, supported with “ so many exciting opportunities and  choices, hard to find for a single mum in her forties otherwise”.

At Clann we can support and we offer choices for people like Melissa. To learn more about becoming a Clann Family Carer and earn from home while you homeschool, or to access our choice of learning materials, please visit Clann Enquiries or call us on 1800-4-CLANN.

*Names changed to protect privacy

If you home school, we would love to hear how home-schooling effects your earning capacity?