Community Services & Individual Support 

Working in Aged / Disability Care is a lifelong career, which offers employment security within an industry that doesn’t fluctuate. Our courses will prepare you to sustainably operate your own community services business on the Clann Platform or to seek employment in the sector


Clann Essentials Course On-Boarding)

Our Clann on-boarding course (1-day) will help you  to quickly complete your personal profile on the Clann Platform and get started with your new business 

Cert III Individual Support  (elder care)

Our Certificate III course  is an 18 unit blended delivery course over 6-9 months with one of our networked RTO's with special electives for elder care

Cert III Individual Support (disability care)

Our Certificate III course  is an 18 unit blended delivery course over 6-9 months with one of our networked RTO's with special electives for disability care

we support you all the way   


No longer do you need to worry about trying to attract clients , Clann takes care of all your the marketing needs for your business.


We support you and not  just the business; our qualified support workers are there to assist with any personal, financial or social issues.


We make booking simple with online facilities which create instant safe, secure and valid financial records for easy reference.


With Clann you are not alone , you will be part of a strong network of childcare professionals in your area providing back up for emergencies and overflow situations


As a Clann member you have access to all forms of business support from our  management team; assistance with business reports, best practice, feedback and training


The Clann platform does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to administration by lowering costs and complexity so that you can focus on childminding . 

What makes Training with Clann Different

Live Trainings

  • Clann's Know ‘n’ Grow Training program does not sell ‘pieces of paper’ but combines theory and practice, focused 'on-the-job training' and multi-skill development to provide students with employment ready skills and attitudes.
  • Our Certificate III course in Individual Support  (Code _____________) and our Diploma in Individual Support (Code ___________) are accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).
  • Through our long-term affiliations with a network of registered RTO's including Australian Global College (AGC) and Education, Training and Employment Australia (ETEA) Australian National Education and Training (ANET) and others we can arrange for you to obtain these community services qualifications).
  • Curricula are structured to provide the student with maximum opportunities for Credit Transfers and Recognition of Prior Learning which results in significantly more training delivery per student and/or optimum study times.
  • Graduate students will have access to the Business Networking and Alumni Services set up through Know ‘n’ Grow Training’s international network.
  • Our qualified Individual Support Professionals are committed people – they are people with a passion for elder and disability care  work, a commitment to excellence and an ongoing pursuit of life long learning through healthy activities supported by 'Life. Be In It' Live More Of Your Life resources.

Clann Australia Group and The Education Professionals joint venture Know n Grow Pty Ltd is affiliated with a network of RTO’s to offer our courses, including Education Training & Employment Australia Pty. Ltd. which is a Registered Training Organization (RTO 5089)

Clann is supporting Community Services

Clann is part of a truly diverse community services family! A place where exceptional professional carers can hone their skills and provide a new standard of community care enabling people to remain and be cared for in their homes for longer. 

 And where everyone can  discover how to 'live more of their lives'


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North Geelong, VIC 3215, Australia.

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