“Phonee Phonee” cries Alice persistently from the back seat as we travel to Kindy.  I worry about her growing preference for screen-based entertainment so last week I tried out a more practical alternative; a helpful Know n Grow book called Tips for Trips written by Robert Palmer for those people with young children planning to travel over the school holidays.

The book begins with some information on Life be in it, who is a great supporter of know n grow and the benefits of learning through healthy active play and activities. There are general housekeeping rules on reasons why we travel and general safety rules which are always worth sharing with young passengers along with helpful tips at the bottom of each page.

The book then suggests some great games in the car which are easy and fun for kids and for adults to do. Games such as alphabetic games which is great for any age children, games such as The Alphabet Hunt, look out the window for anything starting with the letters from A – Z and then doing the same thing with numbers or with animals inclusive of what noise the animal make.

Adding games, guessing games, games more for older children such as ‘A brilliant Biography’ and ‘Blind man’s journey’. ‘Car Cricket’ can be played with children of all ages but younger children might need some help with that one.

As I discovered with Alice these games are a terrific alternative for car journeys as it is so tempting to pass the phone back as I listen to the radio but these games encourage lots of thinking and interacting so our car travel opportunities becomes a great place for our kids to learn and for us to have some fun as well.

If you want to give Tips for Trips a try you can find it:


No more Phonee…….