When Amanda and Liam created the Clann platform they did it to support their purpose and not to be the purpose…

Clann’s purpose is to support the informal care sector where millions of Australian families rely on care provided by well-meaning but untrained, unsupervised and unsupported, grandparents, extended family, friends, neighbours and others by:

1 Creating pathways to employment for those providing informal care increasing their household income;

2 Reducing the risks of disadvantage for those providing and receiving informal care;

A platform that matches families and carers cannot achieve this purpose in of itself.  So the Clann induction programs were created by our team of diploma and degree qualified trainers for the following reasons

1 A safe service

Amanda and Liam wanted to feel comfortable putting their own daughter into the care of any Family Carer on the platform. So as a minimum all carers must have a police check, working with children check, home safety check (if providing service from the Carers home), first aid certificate and insurance.  Carers are also interviewed by Clann.

The safety units of the induction programs prepare participants to conveniently obtain the necessary checks and certificates to provide a family care service.

2 A higher standard of informal care…

Informal carers often learn by doing and build up experience over time that best meets the need of the person being cared for. However, this experience may not be right for another person requiring similar care.  There needs to be a minimum standard of care in order for informal carers to confidently use their passion, and experience to offer care for others.

The industry units of the induction programs prepare participants to confidently provide a higher standard of informal care.

3 A business mindset V and employee mindset

In our new Covid-19 world a steady job is increasingly hard to find. Casual and gig economy employment does not really provide people with economic dignity and security.  However, having your own small business with access to support, resources, professional development and accredited training is something that you can control and with hard work build into a steady job equivalent. This begins with changing your mindset…

The business units of the Induction programs prepare participants to confidently set up and operate a small business with your own Australian Business Number (ABN)….

4 An insured service Insurance cover

Obtaining insurance cover for informal family care services is not an easy process. However, one of the benefits of the induction program is that participants who successfully complete it are eligible for insurance cover arranged by Clann.

The insurance unit of the induction programs prepares participants to conveniently apply for the necessary insurance cover and certificate to provide a family care service.

5 Be more active and live more of your life

As an independent Licensee of Life. Be in it. we advocate for family carers and those they care for to become more active and help reduce the levels of chronic preventable disease in our communities.   Empowering and enabling informal carers to turn what they are doing into a small business provides an opportunities for them to live more of their lives, increase their economic dignity and have a pathway to further training and employment.

For more information please contact us on https://clann.com.au/contact