Support local families and home carers with a new community development initiative

Our RAISE FamilyCare Program Is Designed For Regional Communities That Need To Attract And Support Small Businesses Providing quality home based care.

Talk to us and we can tell you about the numbers of people in your community providing unsupported informal childcare, aged care and disability care that could be supported to turn what they are doing into a supported small business.

we can then provide a solution to empower new local small businesses enabling employment providing a smarter alternative to informal care in your region.

Family care network

 Become a community development sponsor to provide current and future regional families with access to a localised family care information and services portal enabling more employment in a sector that is changing rapidly.

Community sponsor benefits

  • local small business job creation that in turn empowers more parents to return to / train for employment
  • significant direct and indirect economic benefits
  • significant social benefits supporting stay-at-home parents who want to work and reducing the risk of disadvantage from early childhood onwards
  • fostering social enterprise initiatives  in your region
  • support from our in-house team to create a special family care platform landing page tailored for your community and families to show them you care about their care.

Profiling your community with id.profile

In each Area Profile under the option "What do we do --> Unpaid Work" you will discover how many people in your community are providing unpaid childcare, aged care and disability care. This indicates the number of families in your community dependent on unsupported informal care. 

 If you are interested in becoming a RAISE FamilyCare community sponsor to help these families, we would like to hear from you today.

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