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Carers in Colac providing unpaid care for children other than their own.
Carers providing unpaid assistance to a person with a disability, long term illness or old age .
Life. Be in it. FamilyCare Inductees
Life. Be in it FamilyCarer Services
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Life. Be in it. FamilyCare works with individuals, families and communities to increase wellbeing, build strengths and encourage optimism for a better life.

We support communities by empowering families to receive and provide quality Life. Be in it. FamilyCare for their children, elderly and people with disability.

We provide new, training and employment opportunities putting people before profit, effectively re-villaging our society

With the support of GROW and the GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE FOUNDATION, we are coming to the Colac-Ottway Shire with a program and platform to provide a better alternative for families reliant on receiving and providing informal care… starting with child care.

Our Pilot Project is about empowering Colac families to receive and provide quality Life. Be in it. FamilyCare for their children, elderly and people with disability so they can be more active and live more of their lives.


An online market place

where families can access local family care information and services.

Induction Program

Training and support

for families that want a family care business

Learning Resources

Quality Books and activities

For families and carers to use building better brains and healthy bodies.

Would you like to join the Life. Be in it. FamilyCare Clann?


How does FamilyCare help parents seeking FamilyCare?2019-10-29T15:48:45+10:00

Helping parents to start as easy as 1, 2, 3:-

  1. Search: Find ‘Life. Be in it.’ FamilyCare support workers locally for free.
  2. Match: Contact individual support workers directly.
  3. Book: The platform handles all bookings, admin and payments, so you can get on with life.
  4. Review: Share ratings, recommendations and reviews.
When will the FamilyCare Colac Pilot start?2019-10-29T15:51:48+10:00

FamilyCare will launch in Colac in Dec 2019. If you miss the start, that’s fine. We will work to accomodate you or schedule for next induction program.


How does FamilyCare support parents wanting to provide FamilyCare?2019-10-29T15:46:26+10:00

Essential support for Life. Be in it. FamilyCare Services:-

  1. Quality: High standards of vetting people and venues including first aid and safety certificates.
  2. High Safety Priority: All support workers provide police checks and working with children checks for added safety and security.
  3. Insurance: All support workers are covered by comprehensive insurance.
  4. Support: All support workers complete comprehensive induction and training program, to set up and operate a Life. Be in it. FamilyCare service and have access to information, training pathways, quality learning and other resources to support them.
How much will it cost?2019-10-29T16:06:48+10:00

There is no subscription or Platform charges for families and family care support workers to set up a profile on the platform.

We charge a commission on bookings made between families and family care support workers. We also charge for our training courses and resources.

We have a number of discounted training places for concession card holders in each induction intake and are working to make the costs of setting up and running a small business as low as possible.

If I register interest, can I decide later that I don’t want to be involved?2019-10-29T16:06:07+10:00

Of course ! The request to join is just to see if we have got enough local interest to run induction program in Colac. Once you have registered, we will send you more information and answer any other questions.

What is early childhood FamilyCare ?2019-10-29T16:25:32+10:00

Early childhood FamilyCarers are like a blend of Family Day Care and Nannies. FamilyCarers can work from their own homes, other approved venues or in the homes of the families requiring care.

FamilyCarers are vetted and must have all the same personal and home safety checks as Family Day Care as well as first-aid and insurance which we arrange. They must also complete our 8-unit Induction Program which is a condensed version of the Certificate III courses we recommend as pathways to further education and qualifications.

FamilyCarers are not approved for Child Care Subsidies and are expected to cost about the same as the net out of pocket costs for families using a childcare centre. They are restricted to caring for a max of 3 client children at any one time.

FamilyCarers are equipped with early learning books, games and activities that are practical applications of neuroscience based research developed by our associate The Education Professionals. The emphasis is on being user friendly and teaching children to learn through healthy active play so their brains and bodies are better prepared for the school education system. Find out more at our Book Shop.