Today we are talking to Erin and Kate, who have put their children in the care of Lisa, who is a child minder on her way to open a family care for children with Clann.

Erin and Kate work for a cleaning company specialising in cleaning for disabled clients. They explain how they had been exempted from the restrictions through the recent lockdowns, and considered essential workers. They say that they also genuinely wanted to continue working as they understand the impact that changing cleaners and routines has on their clients. 

Kate says that the biggest concern of all was childcare for her two daughters and Erin’s son. Although they were entitled to continue to attend a large corporate child care centre as essential workers, they were concerned about exposing their kids to risk of contracting the corona virus, in particular because all the children allowed in the child care centre were kids of front line workers: nurses, doctors, police officers, supermarket workers, and the like. 

“Even before we heard the term ‘creating a bubble”, we actually created one”: says Kate. ” We figured out that if the two of us work together, and our kids stay with one and the same carer, the risk of the corona virus will be minimised”. 

Erin adds that it was just then when she run into her old friend Lisa. ” We were lining up for toilet paper (laughs), and Lisa was telling me how she lost her job in hospitality, is pretty much forced to self isolate, worries about her income, and how it all affects her 2 year old daughter. I then asked her if she would want to help us out and look after our kids. And that is how it all happened.”

Lisa explains that she was both thrilled with the idea of helping out, getting the much needed social contact for her daughter, and earning income, but at the same time very mindful of the responsibility. “I felt like I needed resources and support to make sure I keep the kids safe, and that it would be quite irresponsible not to have proper training and support to make sure they are cared for to high standards, in particular with the unpredictable pandemic around”. Lisa searched for online support in setting up a small, safe, and professional child care centre from home. ” I realised that as much as large centres present perils that made Kate and Erin look for a something smaller and safer, a single inexperienced and untrained nanny may pose a similar degree of risk. That is why I decided to enrol in the Clann online family care for children induction program.”

Erin says that knowing that Lisa is upskilling with Clann gives her and Kate additional peace of mind: “Our kids’ carer is first aid trained, OH&S trained, has knowledge of childhood development, is insured and has a sound practice structure. She is also local and understands the community and its needs. She was the one who started the neighbourhood “bear hunt” ( when people put bears in the windows to create an entertaining “walk” for kids”, or a local ooshie exchange station. She also has the Clann team that supports her with anything she needs to be confident she works to a high standard of care.”

A “real bonus” was, Kate and Erin agree, that they will be charged by the hour rather than a daily fee. On days when they only needed care for a couple of hours or so, with their  incomes diminished by work slowing down at times, it will make a lot of difference. 

Hoping that the pandemic is on its way out, Kate and Erin agree that the small safe model of home based child care centres advocated by Clann not just “what will get them through restrictions staying sane “, it is also the right way of going forward”.

” The levels of care, no staff turnover, support provided by Clann to family carers like Lisa, will bring the game to another level”: Kate says. And Erin adds ” We are not going back to a larger centre. We are excited about working under the umbrella of Clann”.

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