Child Care in Australia

There are three types of child care centres in Australia. Two traditional types, which are corporate child care (large for profit centres) and family day care which are small council regulated centres run by individuals from their homes.
A newly emerging type of child care  is Clann Pty Ltd

Both of the traditional options have shortcomings.
Corporate child care centres often focus on profit rather than child development and their high staff turnover can be unsettling for children.
Family day care often have limited resources (e.g. lacking toys or developmental programs) and restrictions in availability when the owner is unable to work. They also cater to smaller numbers of children which may limit children's social opportunities. 
The new emerging option Clann transcends the usual limitations of family based care in a number of key ways.

Clann centers are community and neighbourhood based, working on the premise that it takes a village to raise a child. Clann integrates family daycare into a network of providers who know and support each other. When one provider is temporarily unavailable other nearby providers will take care of their clients, which is great for parents. The Clann network also roots children in their neighbourhoods and creates support networks among parents.  

Clann Training and Resources

Clann providers run activities designed by Know'n'grow, a developmental learning program based on neuroscience in early childhood education. There are also regular large group activities for all of the clann providers and their children in the local neighbourhoods. 

Clann's online booking and review system offers parents more control and convenience.

In addition Clann offers opportunities for stay at home parents or parents that work part time to become childcare providers with flexible hours (e.g. weekends only, holidays only etc) with full training and support. 

To learn more about your options for council regulated family day care contact your local council, for corporate child care you can find listings in the yellow pages or online and for more information about Clann go to the Clann Website or call  1-800-4-CLANN.