Child Care Choices

With the increasing demise of Family Day Care our choices as parents for care of our children only becomes harder to find. The choices of child care that remain will only become increasingly difficult to access for many of us.

The closest alternative to family day care are long day care centers in either a corporate or not for profit model. It is often heard that there are new child care centers popping up all the time however accessibility, flexibility and finally affordability remain the real challenges for us as parents. The ability to access care when and where it is needed and by whom,  flexibility of the care days and most importantly being able to negotiate the cost of that care.

What will become an increasing alternative for people to formal child care is informal childcare and the Statistics in Australia are surprising. Statistics show that more than one million children are being cared for by people other than their own parents or guardians. 

An example in 2016 Community Profile Data on unpaid childcare shows that 17,527 people in the City of Greater Geelong alone provided unpaid care for children other than their own. These are unregulated options that many people are being forced to adopt in the current child care market in order to make ends meet. 

Families know what sort of child care suits them best and are the best judge of what is best for their children.  If it is your child and the care you use should be entirely your choice not governments or business's and that is where a Clann provider becomes a real alternative for families.   It is time we took back the responsibility and control of our child care. 

Our kids Our Choice

What we have imagined with Clann is to have a Family Based Clann Childminding Centre in every community on every street where there is a need for convenient and flexible childcare. So we created the Clann Application which is an online market place like the Airbnb, Uber or Airtasker of child care.

Clann enables families and providers to develop detailed profile's giving them the opportunity to fully transact with each other independently but with the ongoing support of Clann. 

Clann also offers education opportunities as well as working resources for ongoing professional practice in family child care.

On the Clann application you can review, rate or report any Clann providers or families in a very transparent manner. This provides reassurance that the current issues with regulated family day care are avoided. Ultimately it gives you as a parent greater confidence, control and choice over our child care.  

With Clann it is your Child. and it is your Choice