Remember when we used to race home from school, change our school clothes, grab our bikes and cycle as fast as our legs could carry us to our friend’s house with our parent’s warnings about coming home in time for dinner ringing in our ears.  The ‘Life. Be in it’ value of ‘Healthy Active Play’ is one of the reasons we have partnered with them as much of today’s generation of kids will never experience this outdoor freedom and here’s why.

Safety and the conditioned concern of parents that our children are in grave danger if we take our eyes of them. People today also have such busy lives there is not the time for kids to spend playing outside. Indoor play now accounts for a large amount of time spent by kids and it is now also a massive entertainment industry market.

Healthy outdoor play for children is essential for the ongoing development of gross motor skills as well as aesthetic or senses development. This type of play contributes greatly to learning as cognitive and social/emotional development is also greatly impacted.

The development of gross motor skills is said to highly support the positive development of fine motor skills. Physically the outdoor light stimulates the pineal gland, the part of the brain that regulates the “Biological clock” which is vital to the immune system and it makes us feel happier.

Children are more likely to invent games and they are able to express themselves and learn about the world through those games in their own way. Healthy outdoor play sessions will also be very helpful in developing positive eating and sleeping habits in children, making a huge difference to everyone’s day.

Outrageously, Parents in parts of America can get on the wrong side of the law for letting their kids play outside unattended, these parents are actually arrested for neglect. Understandably the average middle class American kid spends 90% of their leisure time indoors. Will Australia follow this American trend?

Rough and tumble play for children is not encouraged these days particularly in formal settings such as schools, because of the risk of injury. Yet children gain confidence by pushing the limits and testing their strength and learning about being, strong, brave and assertive….