Childcare In the Corona Virus Times: Small is Safe


Today we are talking to Erin and Kate, who have put their children in the care of Lisa, who is a child minder on her way to open a family care for children with Clann. Erin and Kate work for a cleaning company specialising in cleaning for disabled clients. They explain how they had been exempted from the restrictions through the recent lockdowns, and considered essential workers. They say that they also genuinely wanted to continue working as they understand the impact that changing cleaners and routines has on their clients.  Kate says that the biggest concern of all was [...]

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Turning our biggest problem into a ground-breaking solution


So….What have we done since Covid? Like many families ours has spent the past 6-months re-evaluating what we have been doing and what we can do in this strange and uncertain new world we find ourselves in to help families economically and socially. Some years ago, my wife and I were working from home and needed childcare for our then 3-year old. Wow! What a miserable experience arranging that turned out to be.  Major bureaucracy, no flexibility, long distances to drop off / pick-up, no choice of her individual Carer and more than we could afford. So Alice (like a [...]

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A Smarter Alternative to Informal Care


Describing how Clann offers informal child carers a business opportunity There are more than 1 million children in Australia being looked after by a family member, friends, neighbours or work colleagues on a regular basis. These well meaning people are not supported by government or anyone else. If you are one of these people who is generously caring for children other than your own, Clann offers you the opportunity to turn what you already do into a supported small business with further training opportunities. On our platform we offer you an Earn while you Learn opportunity. First you complete a [...]

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