8 reasons to become a carer for children, the elderly, or the disabled


Why Get Paid To Be A Carer Many people are already a carer or one who is providing care for family members, and yet they don't realize that they have developed marketable skills while caring for family members. Perhaps you have recently had to homeschool your children, or you have a disabled family member that you are taking care of. Maybe you are the caregiver for an elderly parent or loved one. In any of the above cases, you most likely can't work a full-time job, a part-time job that requires a regular hours commitment and you may lack the [...]

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Our community needs your care-giving skills… are you ready to step on a pathway to employment?


As we were researching and developing Clann we became aware of census data showing the numbers of informal / unpaid carers of children, elderly and people with a disability that for various reasons are not being supported by government services. For example while there are 1.6m children in government supported care services there are more than a million children who are being cared for by others. We have since spoken to many such carers and understand that being a carer outside the system can often limit job prospects as you cannot commit to regular hours. Relying on a carers allowance [...]

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How Clann is transforming Informal Care


Clann CEO Liam returns for another interview with Roxy on Bay 93.9 and explains the safety and other features designed into the Clann Platform and why it a better childcare option for families depending on informally arranged childcare. He also discusses a few of the the categories of people who can become a Childminder on Clann. Are you one of them??

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Pam’s Story


Grandparent Earning From HomePam was referred to Clann by a financial counselor from her local welfare organisation, who she had consulted for help with budgeting. The counselor said to her that she had “budgeted very well” and her financial issues resulted simply from insufficient income. Simply put: Pam is now 60 years old but she does not have enough money to make ends meet despite her best efforts to live frugally. She spent most of her life raising her five children while her husband John provided for the family by driving a truck. When the children left home, John was [...]

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Jessica’s Story


Making Ends MeetJessica and her husband Andrew live in a nice home in a nice suburb in the inner city of Melbourne. They bought the house ten years ago and took out quite a large mortgage in order to purchase it. Andrew was working in his own business full time and at the time the mortgage was very manageable. However in the last several years Andrew's work had begun to dry up, going for months sometimes without any work at all. This has placed a huge amount of pressure on the household finances in order to make ends meet. Jessica has [...]

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Melissa’s Story


Earning from Home while HomeschoolingMelissa learned about Clann's Family Care Model from a friend of hers who recommended our early learning resources for her home-schooled daughters. When we met Melissa at Clann, she was excited that she had found a “one stop solution” to the problems she had been facing as a home-schooler for a long time.She had been experiencing a lack of engaging resources, an inability to work, declining self-esteem and isolation. Both of Melissa's daughters are home schooled. Thirteen year old Chelsea refused to go school because of  bullying and seven year old Bella was, as Melissa described [...]

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Puja’s Story


Customised Child MindingPuja' and her husband Junaid came toAustralia three years ago.When we met Puja at Clann, she spoke about how hard it has been working to pay rent as well as afford all the normal living expenses, while at the same time trying to save for a house deposit. Puja works at a service station, and Junaid drives a taxi. They both work irregular hours, working mostly nights, weekends and during holiday times. Puja worries that her working arrangementswill not be sustainable when she and Junaid start a family which they would like to do soon.  She tells us at Clann [...]

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Maddie’s Story


A childminding business at homeMaddie is a 19 year old single mother barely surviving on Centrelink payments.She wants to work but doesn't have any qualifications or experience as she only completed Year 12. Maddie dreams of earning an income that will allow for a comfortable living but she's undecided as to whether she would rather be an employee or own a business. Not long ago Maddie started an apprenticeship in tiling because she liked the fact that it generated an income while learning. However she quit after only a week as she found that she does not want to be [...]

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The Grandparent


Grandparent ChildmindersGrandparents are one of our greatest options for informal childcare in our communities and we need more grandparents to realise the potential of not only supporting the younger generation but giving themselves a financial and self-esteem boost as well. One on one childcare is often demanding and Grandparents looking after a grandchild may find it easier to look after two or three giving their grandchild other children to play and socialise with.On the page 'Little Miracles' Suzanna talks about the importance of grandparents and states "As a mother of 4 children I understand the importance of grandparents and how they [...]

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