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Clann is selecting a range of lifelong learning resources to support member families and family care businesses. These are easy to use practical applications of neuroscience based research.  Using them will help you to build better brains and healthy bodies from early childhood onwards.

Early Learning & Development

 well-respected authors Robert Palmer & Dr Jennifer Fraser combine up-to-date information with a wealth of practical experiences in user-friendly books, games and activities.

How is this Important

Dr. Jean Houston believes that we are just beginning to discover the virtually limitless capacities of the mind. Dr. Houston works with the United Nations Development Programme training U.N. staff and leaders in developing countries. Dr. Georgi Lozanov, has travelled the world to investigate super memory and learning achievement. He believes that we use barely ten percent of our brain capacity.

There are 50+ ‘brain benders’ in the collection along with 29, full colour, A4 activity sheets.

“Dr. Fraser is a dedicated educator, researcher, writer. and much-sought-after international speaker.”

Dr. Jennifer Fraser - Author


If you do not understand your child’s temperament you might be criticizing him / her for behaviour that is related to his temperament. This could lead to major clashes and to your child developing more extreme behaviour patterns.


Babies communicate from birth, through sounds - crying, cooing, squealing - facial expressions - eye contact, smiling, grimacing - and gestures/body movements - moving legs in excitement or distress, and later, gestures like pointing.


While research on brain development is in its infancy, it is believed that play shapes the structural design of the brain. We know that play provides active exploration that assists in building and strengthening brain pathways. Play creates a brain that has increased ‘flexibility and improved potential for learning later in life

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Did You Know - Emus and kangaroos can not move backwards; and that is one of the reasons why they were chosen for the Australian Coat of Arms. True story

Better Communication

Understanding your child’s temperament will help

You might also start blaming yourself for your child’s behaviour, rather than understanding it is simply how they are. Create a positive relationship with your child. Your own temperament will also influence your parenting. The better the fit between your child’s temperament and your parenting style, the better the results will be. 

More self-help skills and resources can be found in MANAGING BEHAVIOURS

Active Living

You will find more than just games in GREAT GAMES

The world is becoming aware of the need to ‘Be More Active’ and to ‘Live More of Your Life’ to address the crisis of inactivity. We have found that people already know they should find thirty –to- sixty minutes a day of physical activity but are reluctant to find time for ‘exercise’.

GREAT GAMES brings together old favourites, traditional games and sporting activities that provide fun and fitness for all.

About our Authors

Hi, I’m Mr. P

Robert Palmer is an experienced Australian teacher and administrator who has held senior executive positions in State and National Teacher Organisations.He has written more than 400 teacher support and student activity books for major publishers.

Robert presented for the OECD Cities of South-East Asia program, and at various United Nations Environment Program conferences. To students of all ages Robert is simply known as ‘Mr. P.’

Hi, I’m

Dr. Jen

Dr. Jennifer Fraser is a Canadian scholar and author who brings together different discourses such as neuroscience, literature, journalism and psychology in order to question and improve the way we educate children and young adults.

Jennifer is highly appreciated by all who know her, and is widely recognised as a leader in the practical application of neuroscientific insights in, and across, educational fields.




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 Our Building Better Brains series is for parents and caregivers; and explains how Clann's selected resources can help to create programs that include a practical application of neuroscience based techniques for early childhood learning and development settings. World-first applications based on Neuroscience research. 

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