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Episode 32 – “It Takes a Village…” with Liam and Amanda McFadde‪n‬


Liam and Amanda are a husband and wife team that have recently started their own business and social enterprise, Clann.  Clann's Social Enterprise Mission is to support communities by empowering families to receive or provide quality ‘Life. Be in it.’™ FamilyCare for children, the elderly and people with a disability.

Episode 32 – “It Takes a Village…” with Liam and Amanda McFadde‪n‬2021-02-24T14:18:35+11:00

New Site for elderly and disability care


Today we are excited to share the release of our new platform which is live for elderly and disability care. Just like our previous Childcare platform, it is extremely user friendly and is accessible to all interested FamilyCarers. It is easy to understand and manage to better support you to start your own home based business delivering essential services. It features registration in just a few seconds using a mobile verification as opposed to email verification which was more time consuming. In just a few steps, it lets you set up your family carer profile to get connected to families needing [...]

New Site for elderly and disability care2022-11-16T05:37:29+11:00

Five reasons why Clann has an Induction Program


When Amanda and Liam created the Clann platform they did it to support their purpose and not to be the purpose...Clann’s purpose is to support the informal care sector where millions of Australian families rely on care provided by well-meaning but untrained, unsupervised and unsupported, grandparents, extended family, friends, neighbours and others by:1 Creating pathways to employment for those providing informal care increasing their household income;2 Reducing the risks of disadvantage for those providing and receiving informal care;A platform that matches families and carers cannot achieve this purpose in of itself.  So the Clann induction programs were created by our [...]

Five reasons why Clann has an Induction Program2022-11-16T05:37:29+11:00

Childcare In the Corona Virus Times: Small is Safe


Today we are talking to Erin and Kate, who have put their children in the care of Lisa, who is a child minder on her way to open a family care for children with Clann. Erin and Kate work for a cleaning company specialising in cleaning for disabled clients. They explain how they had been exempted from the restrictions through the recent lockdowns, and considered essential workers. They say that they also genuinely wanted to continue working as they understand the impact that changing cleaners and routines has on their clients.  Kate says that the biggest concern of all was [...]

Childcare In the Corona Virus Times: Small is Safe2022-11-16T05:37:29+11:00

Why this adage, “It takes a village to raise a child…” answered by the Founders of Clann


Why this particular adage, "It takes a village to raise a child...", answered by Liam and Amanda McFadden.

Why this adage, “It takes a village to raise a child…” answered by the Founders of Clann2020-11-24T15:46:23+11:00

“It Takes a Village” From The Clann Perspective


We have recently talked to a number of parents about their understanding of the  concept of " a village it takes to raise a child", which is the core of Clann's philosophy, and the benefits it can provide for their children. Subsequently, Amanda and Liam, the founders of Clann, further spoke about the "village" model of childcare in an interview you can view here. Today I would like to summarise the discussion and add some thoughts that resonated with me. In the conversation with Amanda and Liam, I referred to my personal experience of shopping locally in the context of [...]

“It Takes a Village” From The Clann Perspective2022-11-16T05:37:29+11:00

The Many Things (That) Clann Is


A couple of weeks ago  Amanda and Liam , the founders of Clann, answered the very first question many have when they hear about Clann: "What Is Clann?". (You can view the interview by clicking on a link here).  Today, we would like to elaborate on the response to the question and  'the many things Clann is". Firstly, Clann is a "social enterprise" that aims to help families in need to find affordable, local, trustworthy, professional, caring, and flexible care for children, the elderly and disabled. Clann was founded because Amanda and Liam found themselves , like millions of Australian [...]

The Many Things (That) Clann Is2022-11-16T05:37:29+11:00
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