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Amanda is a co-founder of the Clann Group and in her role in customer support she will help you get your Clann platform profile up and running and to resolve any questions you may have.

A Smarter Alternative to Informal Care


Describing how Clann offers informal child carers a business opportunity There are more than 1 million children in Australia being looked after by a family member, friends, neighbours or work colleagues on a regular basis. These well meaning people are not supported by government or anyone else. If you are one of these people who is generously caring for children other than your own, Clann offers you the opportunity to turn what you already do into a supported small business with further training opportunities. On our platform we offer you an Earn while you Learn opportunity. First you complete a [...]

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Jessica’s Story


Making Ends MeetJessica and her husband Andrew live in a nice home in a nice suburb in the inner city of Melbourne. They bought the house ten years ago and took out quite a large mortgage in order to purchase it. Andrew was working in his own business full time and at the time the mortgage was very manageable. However in the last several years Andrew's work had begun to dry up, going for months sometimes without any work at all. This has placed a huge amount of pressure on the household finances in order to make ends meet. Jessica has [...]

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The Grandparent


Grandparent ChildmindersGrandparents are one of our greatest options for informal childcare in our communities and we need more grandparents to realise the potential of not only supporting the younger generation but giving themselves a financial and self-esteem boost as well. One on one childcare is often demanding and Grandparents looking after a grandchild may find it easier to look after two or three giving their grandchild other children to play and socialise with.On the page 'Little Miracles' Suzanna talks about the importance of grandparents and states "As a mother of 4 children I understand the importance of grandparents and how they [...]

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Earn while you Learn


Earn While you Learn How good would it be to earn money with a fully supported home business while your home looking after your own children anyway?  You might be a stay at home mum who knows its a juggling act to return to work and have adequate and affordable child care to make returning to work a reasonable financial option.You could be a grandparent looking after one or more grandchildren and wouldn't they love the company of other children while you earn a little extra income for yourself.  You might be a homeschool parent who would really like your [...]

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Clann explained by our Co-Founder Liam


Our co-founder Liam McFadden recently appeared on the Brandon Burns show to explain how Clann came to be, the rationale and passion behind it and who will benefit from it.  You should watch this if you are interested in disrupting the Childcare Sector to deliver more convenient childcare for Australian families including the families of the one million children that still rely on friends, neighbours, grandparents and others for informal care. https://youtu.be/ggvyGeFsnAs

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Family childcare choices


Family Child Care Choices​With the increasing restrictions of Family Day Care options our choices as parents for care of our children only becomes harder to find. The choices of child care that remain will only become increasingly difficult to access for many of us.The closest alternative to family day care are long day care centers in either a corporate or not for profit model. It is often heard that there are new child care centers popping up all the time however accessibility, flexibility and finally affordability remain the real challenges for parents working irregular hours. The ability to access care [...]

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The beginning of Clann


Your New Childcare OptionsThe Creation of Clann"It takes a village to raise a child"..... is how I remember my childhood. The many days spent with other kids in the homes of others. Where we played outside and in with the responsible childminder somewhere nearby.   Learning by doing with all the inevitable experiences of early childhood.  What I remember most was friends adventures and and fun and not early academic successes. "Where has all the fun gone" I asked my husband as we explored childcare options for our then 2-year old little girl. Not for her the modern trend toward big [...]

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Changes to the way our kids Play


Remember when we used to race home from school, change our school clothes, grab our bikes and cycle as fast as our legs could carry us to our friend’s house with our parent’s warnings about coming home in time for dinner ringing in our ears.  The ‘Life. Be in it’ value of ‘Healthy Active Play’ is one of the reasons we have partnered with them as much of today’s generation of kids will never experience this outdoor freedom and here’s why.Safety and the conditioned concern of parents that our children are in grave danger if we take our eyes of [...]

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