A Flexible Approach to

Our Social Enterprise Mission

Clann's Know n' Grow Training and Resources capability is an alliance between the Clann Group and The Education Professionals. It is  part of the Life. Be in it.' JobsNOW Initiative and independently monitored by OSSNET to ensure quality standards.

The core objective of our Clann social enterprise is the establishment, delivery and support of industry-focused, practitioner delivered, high-quality education, training and resources for the Early Childhood Services sector to build public trust and confidence in home-based childcare. In particular we have developed a sensible, safe and secure opportunity to restructure informal childcare (one million children nationally) into quality small businesses.

Through our  Networks we can also advise on, and facilitate, training pathways for many other areas of study including, functional english, small business, and early childhood disability care.

We are beginning in Geelong with a pilot project to train and qualify up to 500 new Regional Family Childminders and Educators using our Earn 'n' Learn program; part of the Life. Be in it. JobsNOW initiative. Your interest and possible involvement is welcomed.

What makes us unique 

Our Clann Training is part of a truly diverse family. A place where exceptional home based early childhood service providers can hone their skills and 'earn while they learn to provide a quality standard of family child care where learning through healthy active play is a priority. And where children become themselves and discover how to 'live more of their lives' from an early age.


​​Employment Ready

We combine theory and practice, focused 'on-the-job training' and multi-skill development to provide students with employment ready skills and attitudes. Our qualifications are earned.


​Extended Curricula

Curricula are structured to provide the student with maximum opportunities for Credit Transfers and Recognition of Prior Learning. 


​Strong Alumni 

​Our Graduate students will have access to the Business Networking and Alumni Services through our 'Know n' Grow Training' international network if their preference is to build a career as an employee here or overseas.


​A Real Passion

Our vetted Early Childhood Service Providers and Cert III qualified Educators are committed people – they are people with a passion for child care work, a commitment to excellence, and a work ethic that builds confidence in our industry.

Meet Our Team

Amanda McFadden

Amanda is a co-founder of the Clann Group and in her role in customer on-boarding and support is to help you to get your Clann platform profile up and running resolve any questions you may have.

Bo Okabe

Bo is our community and family group networker and with her background in social work  securing funding support and coordinating home-based childcare centres is the person to contact if you need more flexible childcare in your area and/or are interested in a career in childcare

Robert Palmer

Robert is our education and training director. He is an experienced Australian teacher and administrator who has held senior executive positions in State and National Teacher organisations. He has written more than 400 teacher support and student activity books for major publishers as well as the Certificate III and Diploma courses offered by Know n Grow

Liam McFadden

Liam is a co-founder of the Clann Group and brings 25 years business experience to support Clann affiliated Approved Providers/Services and the Educators registered with them to establish and maintain a sustainable small business

Vera Vasilchenko

Vera is our industry provider and educator networker and has a passion for early childhood learning and development and for training early childhood educators. With her background in industry compliance  with national childcare laws and regulations she is the person to contact with any training and compliance matters

Sydelle Fernandez

Sydelle is our Account Manager and administrator of our Clann and Know n Grow Training platform.  When you contact Clann, Sydelle will make sure you are directed to the right person to help you 


Clann Australia  Pty Ltd,
Runway, West 6 Federal Mills Park, 3-35 Mackey Street,

North Geelong, VIC 3215, Australia.

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   Email    contact@clann.com.au

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