Supported pathways to a career in family care 

Our Social Enterprise Mission

"They say ”It takes a village….

We support communities by empowering families to receive or provide quality ‘RAISE' FamilyCare for their children, elderly and people with a disability as a better alternative to informal care that millions of Australians still rely on. 

We provide information, up-skilling induction programs, pathways to higher qualifications, micro business work experience opportunities and pathway to employment by an approved service putting people before profit, effectively 'revillaging' our society where families care for families again"

Amanda McFadden – Co-Founder

RAISE FamilyCare (powered by Clann) works with aspiring carers, families, community organisations and approved service partners to build strengths and increase optimism for better family care options for our children, elderly and family members with a disability.

There is a major skills shortage of child carers, elder carers and disability carers in Australia. We have a platform and programs to offer national and international people interested in a Care career in Australia to be properly inducted to set up and operate a small family care business on our platform, register for Certificate III qualifications (with low interest loans to pay course fees if needed), earn an income, gain work experience while they study, and then for those that perform well, be placed into a permanent position with one of our affiliated Government approved services.

Liam McFadden – Co-Founder

We support aspiring carers with supported pathways to employment 

Ours is a truly inclusive platform where families and carers can discover information and opportunities to receive and provide family care and support services for children, elderly and people with a disability.

RAISE FamilyCare Brochure


A real passion

RAISE FamilyCarers  are motivated people with a passion for family care work, a commitment to high standards, and making a positive difference to their local community.


Induction Program

Everyone providing family care on the platform will have been thoroughly vetted, have all necessary personal and home safety checks, and will have completed our comprehensive safety and induction training programs or have Certificate III or higher qualifications.


Earn n' Learn Opportunities

If you wish to to undertake further training to enhance you or your care business; our network partners offer pathways to professional development courses and higher qualifications. 


Employment Pathways

If you go on to obtain higher qualifications and perform will on our platform you will have an opportunity to register with one of our affiliated Approved Service or find alternative employment. 

Meet Our RAISE FamilyCare Team

Liam McFadden

Managing Director

Liam is the MD of the Clann Group and brings 25 years business experience to support family care members to establish, maintain and grow a sustainable small business offering family care services.

Amanda McFadden


Amanda is the Founder of the Clann Group and in her role in member onboarding and support is to help you to get your platform profile up and running quickly resolving any queries and implementing good ideas to improve it..

Bozena Okabe

Community Liaison

Bo is our community and family group networker and with her background in securing funding support and coordinating home-based childcare centres. She is the person to contact if you need flexible childcare in your area and/or interested in a childcare career.

Vera Vasilchenko

Training and Compliance

Vera is our Diploma qualified industry specialist and has a passion for early childhood learning and professional development of  early childhood professionals With her background in industry compliance  with national childcare laws and regulations she is the person to contact with any professional development, compliance and best practice matters.

Pallavi Mathur

Marketing Assistant

Pallavi is our Marketing Assistant.  She works on marketing initiatives and spread the word about Clann to people. Prior to Clann, she has over 4 years experience in International Sales, Customer Service and social media marketing roles. She loves creativity combined with business needs. For any queries regarding using our platform, she is the person to get in touch with.

This could be you?

Onboarding Specialist

Are you our next experienced Onboarding Specialist that welcomes new carers and families with prepared onboarding schedules and tours?

The role implements Clann's policies and will help to resolve carers or families concerns and needs.

This could be you

We're hiring!

We are looking for diploma qualified people in early childhood education and care aged and disability care who live in regional Victoria and are interested in casual /contract work  We need your skills to undertake, home safety and other inspections for; and to provide support to family care businesses operating on our platform..

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