Why Get Paid To Be A Carer

Many people are already a carer or one who is providing care for family members, and yet they don’t realize that they have developed marketable skills while caring for family members. Perhaps you have recently had to homeschool your children, or you have a disabled family member that you are taking care of. Maybe you are the caregiver for an elderly parent or loved one.

In any of the above cases, you most likely can’t work a full-time job, a part-time job that requires a regular hours commitment and you may lack the skills necessary to maintain a work from home job. If you are a carer, then you already have developed skills that many people are looking for, and will pay for their loved one’s care.

Advantages Of Becoming A Paid Carer

You already do what a paid carer does, but, without being compensated financially. You have the satisfaction of caring for your children or other family members, but it can demand a lot out of you. And you are not alone. There are many others just like you in your community. 

You could turn what you do every day into a home-based business by adding one to three more children or by helping others care for their elderly or disabled family members. The disadvantage is that you are running a business working from your home or in other family homes. It takes more planning, time, and commitment, than ‘a job’ but it is well worth it. While you are helping another parent, you are also helping your family’s financial situation, and your children gain some new friends and playmates.

Make It Personal

There are many parents in need of someone local to care for their children. They can drop them off and you can care for them while you continue to homeschool or care for your children. You are helping another parent and helping your family’s financial situation. Your children also gain some new friends and playmates. If your home circumstances are not suitable for that, you can go to the homes of families.

The transition to a home-based business requires some changes that Clann Australia can help you navigate with our platform and programs.  

Making The Change

Caring for a family member is sometimes exhausting, but through time you develop a heart for caring and you want to help others in the same situation as yours. Making the switch to become a paid carer is easy, but requires the right tools, and knowing the right way to undertake such a challenge. And knowing you have support.

Don’t become overwhelmed because you will not only be caring for non-family members, but it will become a proper business that you are in charge of. Don’t let all the questions about documents, certificates, and licenses keep you from a great opportunity to help someone and provide for you and your family at the same time.

Earn n Learn 

At Clann, we design our programs to help you learn what you need to run your business while getting paid. We call it Earn n Learn. We also help you with obtaining the required certificates and documents. We help you to not just go into business but become a better carer. This is not just helping you with your care-giving skills, but also helping you to become fully vetted so that your clients can trust their family members to your care.

In our Earn n Learn program for child care you will broaden your skills so you not only provide care for young children but also you are preparing them for the next steps in life, such as preschool or school and encouraging healthy active play. 

Family Care Safety Program

The first step is the Family Care Safety Program, which is for any type of carer, whether you are caring for children, the elderly, or the disabled. 

The Family Care Safety Program gensures that you meet the minimum safety requirements. This program allows you to complete all the necessary certificates, including police and WWC checks, First Aid certificate, and an inspected, safe home. You can complete everything required to set up your profile from the comfort of your home. 

Family Care Induction Program

Those desiring to become paid ‘child’ carers may proceed to the Family Care Induction Program. Here you will broaden your skills to become a more advanced and skilled carer. Completion of this course enables you to provide safe, quality care services for up to three children in your home in VIC and for up to four children in your home in NSW.

Family Care Induction Programs for the elderly and those with a disability will be launched soon.

What Next?

After completing our programs, you are ready to serve other families as a Life. Be In It. Family Carer. You can decide on the services and specialties you want to offer, the hours you are available, the rates you charge and and choose your own clients from the families that reach out to you as it is your business. However, if you desire more training and higher qualifications, then we offer pathways to help you get those.  We also offer resources provided by other trusted partners to support your service. And we have a network of people experienced in business and in child/elderly/disability care that you can access to help you with specific issues relating to your business or service. 

The advantages of being a paid carer far outweigh the disadvantages, especially when you have completed the Earn n Learn program through Clann. You will never know how satisfying it can be to be a paid carer until you contact Clann. Don’t delay contact us today.