A childminding business at home

Maddie is a 19 year old single mother barely surviving on Centrelink payments.

She wants to work but doesn't have any qualifications or experience as she only completed Year 12. Maddie dreams of earning an income that will allow for a comfortable living but she's undecided as to whether she would rather be an employee or own a business. Not long ago Maddie started an apprenticeship in tiling because she liked the fact that it generated an income while learning. However she quit after only a week as she found that she does not want to be a tradesperson and furthermore the working hours are not manageable for a single mum due to the lack of childcare.  She was also shocked that after childcare fees she only broke even after receiving her pay.

Maddie has always had an interest in education and wanted to work with children. She is now also motivated to learn more about child development in order to be a better mum. However after looking into courses in related fields she gave up on the idea of pursuing that path. All of the courses she could find required class attendance and lengthy placements and not to mention the childcare fees, which she said were not affordable.

Maddie is an avid social media user. Through social media she has encountered a lot of mothers working from home and she increasingly admires what they do. She believes in her ability to manage her own business, but she does not have the capital needed to start or buy one, nor the experience and confidence to start from scratch.

Maddie talked to us at Clann Australia about the opportunities and choices that we could offer her.

Maddie's Story

With an investment of up to 6 weeks of safety and induction training (mostly online) Maddy can become a Clann Family Carer. While Maddie is studying, our team can help her set up a family care business in her home and list her as a family carer on our online booking platform.

Once established and working from home as a clann family carer, Maddie has then got the choice to access a Clann Training Pathway to continue studying for her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care at her own pace while she is generating an income. 

When Maddie completes her Certificate III, she will have even more lifestyle choices. She will be able to grow her own family care business further with the help of Clann. She will be able to gain employment as a qualified and experienced child care worker. She can also continue to study for a Diploma in Childhood Services and with her experience running her own business, she can then one day seek employment as a manager of a corporate daycare centre, advancing her career that way.